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The Twisted History of Jerry Hough


It’s been a while since Duke University Political Science Professor, Jerry Hough, kicked off a sh*t storm of commentary by offering a bluntly racist critique of the New York Times article, How Racism Doomed Baltimore. The Times piece is an excellent take down of entrenched poverty among Blacks in Baltimore, describing the collapse of Baltimore’s inner-city as […]

Top 10 Victories for Immigrant Rights in 2013


While Congress struggled in 2013 to enact just and meaningful reform, and the President is close to surpassing 2 million deportations, immigrants won victories in many states and many levels. In no particular order: 1. The Supreme Court Strikes Down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act Undoubtedly, the fall of DOMA’s Section 3 has brought much-needed […]

Deportation Nation: Yes, Obama Can Pull the Brakes

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Ju Hong was scared, even unsure, as to the consequences to him if he interrupted President Barack Obama during his stump speech on immigration in San Francisco earlier this week. After all, he was put there by the White House, vetted, to make sure he was merely another prop while the President gave yet another […]

How Not To Win Immigration Reform

How Not To Win Immigration Reform

Something rather bizarre has been happening for the past few weeks. Enthusiasm for comprehensive immigration reform is waning, despite many wonderful and brave political actions to the contrary. Why is that? I will leave the explanation for some other day. What I find more curious and perplexing is that self-proclaimed advocates for immigration reform are […]

Who Gets to Be American?


Remember Sebastien De La Cruz? He’s that 11 year old Mexican American singer who performed the National Anthem to open game 3 of the NBA final in a traditional mariachi outfit. Here’s his picture. Cute kid, right? Also a great talent. But, apparently a brown kid in a Mariachi suit isn’t very cute to some […]

When Xenophobia Trumps Common Sense, Common Decency Often Goes By the Wayside

I’ve written here before about the dilemma Washington Apple Growers were faced with in 2011 because of crack downs on undocumented immigrants. It turns out that the majority of documented immigrants who answered a poll by saying that undocumented immigrants mostly take low wage jobs that no one wants are right. No amount of recruitment […]

The Obama Paradox

The Obama Paradox

I’ve gotten some grief lately over critical comments I’ve made about President Obama. Folks reference a piece I wrote a while back about why I was a supporter of Obama’s candidacy in the last election, calling on other racial justice advocates who were critical of his first term to join me. Why, folks now ask, […]

What Does Pork Have to do with the U.S. Immigration “Problem?”


Years ago, I moved to Eastern Tennessee to work at the Highlander Research and Education Center. Highlander was founded as the Highlander Folk School, but reincorporated under its current name after its charter was revoked by the State of Tennessee in 1962 in an effort to dislodge the school from its pivotal position in the […]