How Justin Bieber Got Deported

Or actually, he didn’t.

Canadian teenage pop sensation, Justin Bieber, appears to be suffering from “affluenza.” But if he isn’t careful, he will be on a one-way ticket to Canada.

Last night, Bieber was charged with resisting arrest and a DUI after illegally participating in street-racing upon leaving a strip club. Police reports also show that he had consumed alcohol and marijuana, and he faces up to 6 months in jail. Earlier, Bieber’s mansion was raided after he allegedly damaged his neighbor’s home, causing $20,000 worth of damage , which constitutes a felony crime in California. He also allegedly assaulted Read more “How Justin Bieber Got Deported”

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Claudette Hubbard, Detained and Facing Deportation for Being Black in America

Claudette Hubbard, a mother and grandmother to U.S. citizens, should have celebrated the holidays with her family in Compton, California.

Instead, with the coming of the New Year, she is still languishing in an immigration detention facility in Contra Costa, California.

Ms. Hubbard is not new to state-sponsored violence. When she was merely 16 years old in Jamaica, Claudette faced emotional and physical violence due to her sexual orientation. She was seriously beaten and suffered a concussion because her car was driven off the road. The Jamaican government not only acquiesces in the torture of LGBT individuals in Jamaica, but … Read more “Claudette Hubbard, Detained and Facing Deportation for Being Black in America”

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How Not To Win Immigration Reform

Something rather bizarre has been happening for the past few weeks.
Enthusiasm for comprehensive immigration reform is waning, despite many wonderful and brave political actions to the contrary.
Why is that? I will leave the explanation for some other day. What I find more curious and perplexing is that self-proclaimed advocates for immigration reform are not busy trying to work on saving comprehensive immigration reform. Instead, many of them have turned their attention to attacking undocumented immigrant organizers.
Ever since the path-breaking DREAM 9 action, where several undocumented youth self-deported to Mexico, and brought back six other individuals to
Read more “How Not To Win Immigration Reform”