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On 50th anniversary of MLK assassination, ICE deports Khmer refugees to Cambodia

stop deporting khmer

By Sina Sam* and Soya Jung Today, the United States is scheduled to deport 43 Khmer refugees on a flight from El Paso, Texas to Cambodia. Some reportedly have significant mental and physical disabilities. The fact that these deportations are taking place today, on the 50th anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. […]

Twenty-Five Years after Sa-I-Gu: Multiracial Politics in Times of Crisis

[National Guardsmen patrol near Martin Luther King Blvd. and Vermont Avenue as a mini-mart burns in Los Angeles on May 1, 1992.]

  This is a transcript of a panel discussion that ChangeLab convened at last year’s Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS) Conference in Portland, OR. It was first published in Kalfou: A Journal of Comparative and Relational Studies, Volume 4, no. 2 (Fall 2017) and is republished here with permission. Soya: Good afternoon, and thank […]

Put Some Knowledge in Your Pocket!


ChangeLab is grateful to our comrades at If You Don’t They Will for creating this awesome portable resource for understanding and defeating white nationalism. Download it, print it double-sided, and fold it into a pocket-sized guide! If You Don’t They Will is a collaboration that provides concrete and creative tools to counter white nationalism through a […]

Navigating the Pro-Democracy and Antiracist Struggle Ahead

Pro-Trump supporters, left, argue with demonstrators after a Feb. 18 march in Los Angeles to protest the president's immigration policies. Sociologists say President Trump's actions and rhetoric are politically energizing both conservatives and liberals.
Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

  These are volatile times, rife with both grave dangers and progressive possibilities. ​ To help prepare for the long pro-democracy and antiracist struggle ahead of us, ChangeLab is sharing this small downloadable/printable discussion guide, written by Scot Nakagawa and Suzanne Pharr. We hope it’s useful. Stay tuned for more tools and resources, and please […]

Hearts open, fists up: the color line

Ella Baker

I was asked to share the following mashup of an essay titled “The Endurance of the Color Line” published in the journal Othering & Belonging: Expanding the Circle of Human Concern and remarks I gave as part of a public talk called “Hearts Open, Fists Up” at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. I would love to hear […]

Hearts open, fists up


I won’t lie. On Tuesday night as Donald Trump’s path to the presidency became ever clearer, I drank a bunch of bourbon, felt my ribcage tighten and my heart break. It was hard to breathe. I texted people furiously asking what we could push Obama to do in his final days in office. How would […]

Uncle Bob’s way: love and power

All of us outside Clallam Bay Corrections Center.

  The day Uncle Bob passed away, I was in a car with a few young Asian American activists. We had just spent the day at the API Cultural Awareness Group’s (APICAG) annual banquet at the Clallam Bay Corrections Center. It was an intense day filled with joy and grief, but mostly love. We celebrated […]

The Messy House That Race Made

Akai Gurley Peter Liang

Visible divisions within the Chinese American community over NYPD Officer Peter Liang’s conviction in the death of Akai Gurley have created a news and social media spectacle, and deep anxiety for many Asian American racial justice activists. Personally I agree with Liang’s conviction, and strongly condemn the threats and intimidation that some Liang supporters are […]

Real national security demands an end to white supremacy.


The following is a statement by Asian and Pacific Islander organizations in Washington State to express solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities facing violent anti-Muslim backlash. While the statement is specific to Washington, we encourage organizations in other parts of the country to use it as a model for their own public statements.  Research shows that since the attacks of 9/11, the […]