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Five Things LGBTQ People Can Teach Us About Survival in Trump’s America

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Anti-democratic and authoritarian movements aren’t just about bigotry, but they most definitely drive down avenues of race and gender. This election showed us that with absolute sparkling clarity. It’s time for all of us to realize that addressing sexism and racism is a we thing, not a me for you thing. And when it comes […]

The Next Wave: Getting Ready For Trump’s America


I’ve decided that for me, this is a time to leave nothing potentially useful unexposed, and to stop hiding behind liberalism. I mean, if this election showed us anything, liberalism is no longer the shield it used to be in the war against the political right wing. So, I figure, why bother lugging it around? […]

I Know Haters Are Gonna Hate Cuz That’s What They Do, But This?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says New Yorkers should make their own development decisions on the controversial Ground Zero mosque.

Remember back in November of 2011 when Herman Cain called the House Minority Leader “Princess Nancy during one of the seemingly endless debates leading up to the GOP presidential nomination? I was reminded of that comment when reading this report from Democracy Corps, Inside the GOP: Report on Focus Groups with Evangelical, Tea Party, and […]

You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: Not Over Overt Racism


The story about the sudden “retirement” of a school superintendent and “resignation” of a school athletic director in Pennsylvania over racist and sexist text messages reminds us that, in spite of popular reports to the contrary, we’re not nearly over overt racism in this country. The text messages can be read here. I’ll spare you […]

The Exploitation of Asian Girlz

The Exploitation of Asian Girlz

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the controversy concerning the Day Above Ground video Asian Girlz. In response to an avalanche of protest, the band took the video down, though only after announcing they would leave it up for a while to give us all a chance to look at it again (and drive […]