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You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover: Not Over Overt Racism


The story about the sudden “retirement” of a school superintendent and “resignation” of a school athletic director in Pennsylvania over racist and sexist text messages reminds us that, in spite of popular reports to the contrary, we’re not nearly over overt racism in this country. The text messages can be read here. I’ll spare you […]

Lost in the Supermarket: The Psychological Burden of Invisible Racism


Many Americans, especially many white Americans, believe we live in a post-racial era. They’re convinced that racism no longer has the power to organize the way we live and impose disadvantages on people of color. I’m holding out hope that this is wishful thinking and not just a convenient form of denial, but I’m guessing […]

We’re Not Over Overt Racism


  I often hear political commentators and activists talk about how the Civil Rights Movement defanged overt racism as a politically and socially viable form of expression. Nowadays, folks claim, racists must speak in codes in order to mobilize white resentment. I disagree. Yes, I get that things were once worse. I also agree that […]