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Still Dreaming About Jobs and Freedom


The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is probably best remembered today for Martin Luther King, Jr’s march address, “I Have A Dream.” That speech, along with dramatic media accounts of black struggle inspired a generation to take action, including LGBT activists, feminists, immigration reform advocates, and anti-imperialists, each of whom would also make […]

Why for Some, SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage Ruling Just Doesn’t Feel Right

While most of LGBT America celebrates the legal defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act, some of us are finding this moment bittersweet. We recognize the decision is a real and meaningful victory, but we’re worried about what this victory means for those of us who wish to exercise the right not to marry, and […]

What’s Wrong with Inclusion? The Case for Radicalism


Radical (adj.): 1. of, relating to, or proceeding from a root. 2: of or relating to the origin : fundamental. 3: marked by a considerable departure from the usual or traditional. A few days ago, I made the argument that attacks against LGBT rights, including the right to marry, rely on a template that is […]

A Case for Solidarity: Same Sex Marriage and the Fight for Civil Rights


The president’s support for LGBT rights, especially the oblique reference to marriage equality in his inaugural address got me thinking about the last time his “evolution” on the issue of LGBT rights got him talking about same sex marriage. On that other historic occasion, the right reacted as it always has, trying to draw a […]

Overheard in Brooklyn


This past weekend, two middle-aged African American men were sitting on a bench in Fort Greene Park. A white gay couple walked by provoking one of the Black men to complain to the other about LGBT people, comparing homophobia to racism. He said, “…I’m a Black man. You know that the minute I walk into […]