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The Danger of Nostalgia: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant’s Sexist Slip

At a Washington Post Live event concerning children’s literacy on Tuesday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant opened his mouth and dropped a bomb. When asked why America is so “mediocre” in terms of educational achievement, here’s what he said. I’m going to get in trouble — do you want me to tell the truth?…I think both […]

The Deserving Poor

This picture in the of a resident of publicly subsidized housing in New Orleans playing with an ipad sparked a hailstorm of responses. Among the most generous of them was this one, “Not to rush to comment. I hope this is nothing more than someone gave him the iPad as a gift and he is […]

Whitewashing History at the Democratic National Convention


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word whitewash as, to gloss over or cover up (as vices or crimes), or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data.   I got to thinking about whitewash, and whitewashing history in particular, during the Democratic National Convention. At the convention, a whole lot […]

The War on Women of Color

The b.s. that passes for news is enough to give a person the information superhighway version of road rage. Hardly a word of substance had been uttered about moms until  Hilary Rosen‘s statement that work-at-home mom of five Anne Romney never worked “a day in her life” became ammo in the war over women(s’ votes). […]