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What “Racial Equity” Does and Doesn’t Mean

I'm white

An article I wrote responding to UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh’s Washington Post editorial, “How the Asians Became White¬†” ended up creating a bit of a flap. There was a flood of angry comment, most of which was deleted. Note to readers: comments that begin with “you f**king Nazi,” or that refer to me as […]

In Defense of Affirmative Action


In Slate today, author and journalist, Tanner Colby, wrote the second in a series of articles concerning what he calls The Massive Liberal Failure on Race. In it, he expounds on the failure of affirmative action to correct the problem of structural racism in the U.S., especially as it affects black people. Because of these […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Racism

Ever notice that when we talk about racism, those of us who are racial justice advocates are often really mostly talking about ourselves? We speak out to demonstrate our knowledge. We signal that we get it, building community among like-minded people by using the right words and being in command of the right facts. We […]