The Right to Discriminate in Arizona: Where Freedom Meets Subordination

The following was written by Daniel HoSang and originally appeared on the website of the Mackenzie River Gathering Foundation. Please read his entire article here.


When Governor Jan Brewer announced in late February that she had vetoed Arizona’s odious SB 1062, activists across the country found good reason to celebrate. The bill would have would have broadened the state’s 13-year-old “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” essentially giving businesses and individuals an open license to discriminate — even on the basis of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation — all in the name of religious liberty. The bill was … Read more “The Right to Discriminate in Arizona: Where Freedom Meets Subordination”

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Racial Justice After Fisher and Shelby

In the wake of last week’s Supreme Court rulings in the Fisher affirmative action case and the Shelby County Voting Rights Act case, the post-mortems are in.

Race-based affirmative action in higher education is on its deathbed. Anti-discrimination protections for many voters are imperiled.

For the Court’s majority, two of the proudest achievements of the long Civil Rights Movement have become burdensome and outmoded, like a payphone on a troubled street corner. Even in liberal policy circles, the shibboleth of “class over race” (as if they were mutually exclusive) seems quickly becoming the new common sense.

At their … Read more “Racial Justice After Fisher and Shelby”