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What We’re Fighting About When We Fight About Racism

A few days ago the Q-Center, Portland, Oregon’s aspiring LGBTQ community hub, hosted a discussion about racism. The event was organized in response to a mostly-online fight that erupted over a local gay bar’s Facebook ad for a performance by white drag performer, Chuck Knipp. Knipp’s bread and butter is the character, Shirley Q. Liquor, […]

More on Racially Profiling Whites


A friend (who I’m lucky to know because he’s so much smarter than me) commented my my post “Why Don’t We Racially Profile Whites?” pointing out that there is a white racial profile. The white racial profile is the other side of the story of the way people of color are profiled. So, for instance, […]

The Good White People: A Quick Tip on Countering Interpersonal Racism

Anti-racist Whites

A while back I posted Four Tips on Talking About Racism. Those tips were – avoid moral superiority, after all, this is about what is strategic for the “we,” not just what feels good to “me;” find common ground; don’t guilt people into changing their minds – change leveraged through guilt is rarely very durable; […]