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We Are All Cyborgs: Being Asian American and Doing Organizing Online


The following originally appeared on Reappropriate (a great site you should check out!) Guest-post by Cayden Mak (@Cayden), 18MillionRising. I recently remarked to a longtime Twitter friend that I feel we live in a magical time, and I always wonder if young movement folks in the past felt that way, too. My friend suggested that not every […]

Sirius XM: Does that Umbrella Come with a Pink Slip for Babchik?

The business card Babchik was handing out at Comic Con while doing his sexual violence thing against Asian women

“I want to buy an umbrella [that comes] with an Asian girl…In my experience, girls who stand next to me longer than 20 seconds get a creampie.” Mike Babchik, Host of “Man Banter” on SiriusXM to an Asian American woman at Comic Con, October 2013 You may have heard about the racist misogynist Mike Babchik […]