Alright, I know in Internets chronology I am a million light years behind, but how f*cking great is this “If Asians Said The Stuff White People Say” thing! Why am I NOT Jenny Yang’s stand up twin? Plus, all Dis/orient/ed Comedy needs now is a Korean American to complete its East Asian representation….

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All jokes aside, I got put on to this video from a few different people on Facebook, my friend who grew up in Utah and now struggles with this kind of nonsense in a very white area in the midwest, and Colorlines (thank you Jamilah King!) and some random APIAs. The writing was so on point. The video has gotten play as far as Australia and a mainstream as Jezebel (although I have to say, who still uses the word “minority” anymore? Call me crazy but I think that term describes 80 percent of the world’s population).

Schoolteacher to my parents, ca, 1989: “Alison should become an anchorwoman!”

I consider myself a (traumatized) baby of identity politics and have no illusions about simple representation having inherent value particularly for the liberation of women of color (think Amy Chua, Condoleeza Rice, Michelle Malkin…yuck).

BUT APIA women are doing and have always been doing some amazing things and I will never ever underestimate the power of role models. Especially considering my aspirations as a child were limited to being an anchorwoman or 9-ball champion. The leadership of some of the most visionary social justice groups, coalitions, and campaigns are APIA women, AND some of the most hilarious-brilliant-funny people I know are APIA women. I am happy to see this sister getting some shine.

Any non-Asian I’ve beat at pool since 1999: “Do you know the Black Widow?”


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By Alison Roh Park

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