Those Asian American anti-Affirmative Action Ads

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That’s a screen shot of the most popular video circulating on the internet on Monday of this week. The video is pretty cool, but ultimately not a big deal, just some footage of a cat protecting a little kid from a dog attack. Sweet. I want a cat like that, don’t you? But if you look on to the left of the video link, you will notice something that might just be about to become a really big deal.

When you’re done cringing, you might want to read Wanted: Disgruntled Asian-Americans to Attack Affirmative Action, by Julianne Hing, published on Colorlines on April 25th. Asian Americans are being used as we have been used over and over again; as a shield against accusations of racism protecting those who would commit racist acts.

If you haven’t read it, you should.

By Scot Nakagawa

Scot is a community organizer, activist, cultural worker, and political writer. He has spent the last four decades exploring questions of racial injustice and racial formation and effective forms of resistance and strategies for change through community campaigns, cultural organizing, popular education, writing, and direct political advocacy.

Scot’s primary work has been in the fight against vigilante white supremacist groups, white nationalism, Nativism, and authoritarian evangelical political movements. In this work, he has served as a strategist, organizer, and social movement analyst. Scot is a past Alston/Bannerman Fellow and the Association of Asian American Studies 2017 Community Leader. He is busy at work on a number of projects, including writing a playbook for anti-fascists, and a primer on race and power. His writings have been included in Race, Gender, and Class in the United States: An Integrated Study, 9th Edition; Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence; and Eyes Right!: Challenging the Right Wing Backlash.

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Are you kidding me. These days, everything is considered racist, it is how things are accomplished when people don’t get what they want. Sure, racism still runs ramped throughout the United States, but not getting accepted to a job, or, in this case, Harvard doesn’t mean you can scream racist. Its getting kind of ridiculous at this point.

ehh, I don’t know if I can support you on this one. I do believe Asians are the most discriminated against with it comes to Affirmative action

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