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We don’t automatically publish all comments on this site.

The comments section of Race Files is intended to be a forum for dialogue and discussion among people who are sincerely interested in exploring issues of race. We get that we are all in different places in understanding race relations and all of us have things to learn, so we’re okay with people pushing back and offering differing points of view as long as you want to “talk.” Shouting will get you deleted.

However, criticism is welcome, and questions are totally okay, as are answers from readers.


  1. We won’t publish threatening comments, ever.
  2. No racial slurs. Not toward anyone, ever.
  3. No personal attacks. Address the subject matter, not the writer, even if, yeah, sometimes, going after the writer is tempting. We get that.
  4. We don’t post trolls who are just trying to start a fight, and we definitely do not post comments generated by troll hub websites.
  5. Try to avoid going on and on. We are all guilty of that on occasion and sometimes a lengthy response is a good thing. But, before you submit, ask yourself, is this a dissertation or a comment related to the article or the discussion in the comment queue?
  6. Avoid defensiveness. Taking posts and comments personally is often appropriate since we believe that the personal is definitely political. But, if you’re going to respond on a personal level, take the time to consider whether the comment is about the subject matter being discussed or all about you.
  7. If your comment is meant to drive traffic to another site, we won’t post it. This isn’t a billboard.
  8. If your comment is way off-topic, we’re not likely to publish it.
  9. If you repeat the same question or make the same comment over and over again, we will not publish you.
  10. We created this forum and reserve the right to delete comments we don’t wish to publish. Fighting with us about not getting published will get you spammed.


What if my comments don’t show up?

It might have gotten spammed. Please email and we will try to find it. No guarantees, but we’ll try.
  2. Check those guidelines again.